Monday, June 13, 2011

Positive Things

There are so many things that I can complain about medical school, but my biochemistry professor this morning shared something to us that sort of changed my mind on how I see things here in Dapitan. He said, positive things make things possible. I know, these are things we usually read from shops like Papemelroti or from Hallmark cards. I just felt that it’s probably time for me stop talking about how much I hate the crazy mob during lunch time, or the nighttime heat, or the unfriendly university personnel. It’s time to see things from a more positive perspective. I feel like I’m lying to myself, but this is real, seriously.

So far, med school has been good to me. This is me speaking after one full day of sitting down on two 4-hour classes. I’m not so sure if I should treat this as a good thing. But I’d love to say that today felt like a really good day of learning. I just missed this kind of day when you’re really eager to learn and to listen to your professor because you know you’re getting almost every slide that she shows you. You know that feeling, like you’re really hungry for knowledge. Haha. That’s too much, I guess. But seriously, I feel like I haven’t been this excited to use my highlighter for the sole purpose of wanting to learn the next chapter and not because I just wanted to try out my newly bought highlighter. That’s how it usually was during college. So, let me remember this day as the day when I have rediscovered my childhood thirst and yearning for knowledge and for information. And here’s to hoping that these days will last forever.

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