Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Thing or Two About Making Friends

It’s been two weeks since classes started and I still feel like a stranger in my own school. Does this sound too emo? As much as I want to stop talking about it, it’s really just becoming too hard for me to reach out to people I’ll be with for the next four years of my life. I guess everyone else who’s not from this school is having a rather difficult time to make friends whom you can eat lunch with or hang out with after class. I mean, I just want to have new friends. When did it ever become so hard to make friends with strangers now? I’m not sure if it’s the school’s culture or the students themselves or if it’s me that making life harder than before. Or probably, there’s really no time given for us to actually mingle with other people. And this is my cue to say that I absolutely miss college and the forced interaction with blockmates or orgmates through group dynamics. In med school, the only things we can call group dynamics (or time to relax and small talk) would include passing papers or handouts, 10-minute bathroom breaks and the waiting before the morning or afternoon class starts. I just really hope that it’ll get better as the days pass, because I would really love to interact with new friends and not talk about school with them.

Speaking of friends, one of my dearest friends is leaving for the States tonight. I would consider myself as someone who’s used to friends coming and going. High school and college have taught me to master this trend of friends flying in and out of my life. But this one, I realize, seems to hurt a little more than the others. And I’m not saying this because I know this special person could be reading this by now. Heehee. You see, I tend to take things in very slowly, the in-denial type. When something big happens, it takes a while before it registers into my head, but when it does, BA-BAAAM! Patay kang bata ka.

It was after-high-school-during-college phase that I really got close to her. UP Diliman being 10-15 minutes away from Ateneo made it easier for us to meet up for dinner or after-dinner coffee. It was also during this time that I’ve found my own foodtrip buddy. Our palates would take us everywhere, from Maginhawa to Katipunan and to those restaurants that foodie blogs would usually rave about. It was also during this time of my college life that I’ve found my "sensei" – the expert on perfect spots, taboo FAQs, and specific positions. I believe that every girl has to have someone whom she can ask about things that, you know, people aren’t very comfortable to talk about and I feel lucky that I’ve found someone who fits that job fairly well. She was also one of the few people who had to endure my rants and raves about all the relationships I’ve had during college. They weren’t many, but good Lord, were they dramatic and childish. She has this kind of wisdom that doesn’t rub in all the crazy mistakes I have done in my life, the one who laughs a lot at your crazy stories but you know means well when she does. And again, every girl has to have that kind of friend. And when you finally found that kind of friend like I did, keep her. Hold on to her, because believe me, she’s not really replaceable.

So thank you for everything that we have shared together and for the things that we will share in the future. I’ll miss you, but I’ll always be waiting for your return.

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