Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoes of My (future) LIfe

I was looking through Saab Magalona’s website and saw this.

It’s today! I have about 5 hours left before the party ends, but I’m not sure if I should I go considering I haven’t done any form of studying this weekend. And anyway, I haven’t fully decided if I should get a pair of those Vans x Hello Kitty slip-ons.

I’ve been debating on whether I should get these babies.

What do you think? A part of me thinks it looks too juvenile. Read: the party today is sponsored by a preteen magazine like Total Girl, so gets, I feel like I’m becoming like those moms who wear teenager clothes to the mall when they’re not supposed to do so in the first place. But at the same time, I don’t have any checkered Vans yet and the signature Hello Kitty bow really looks nice on the shoes. I already have an outfit in mind for these shoes, I just need the actual shoes to put the pieces together. Hay, life-changing decisions happen everyday you know.

Lola vibes <3

Another option would be to buy new Fiesta Collection from Keds. I found this teal Champion Jute at Shoe Salon, and the color really looks happy, an easy boost to any boring outfit. It also comes in black, orange and beige (which also looks pretty and easy to match with anything!). My old Keds are already worn out (may butas na yung left shoe) so it seems acceptable to finally let them retire as I buy myself a new pair.

I'm also looking for a pair of sequined shoes, preferably oxfords or brogues. I'm thinking I have too many ballet flats now and they just look too sad on my feet. I saw a salmon pink pair of sequined oxfords in F21 Singapore for only 700-800 pesos and I regret not buying them. My sister said they looked too disco. So many shoes, not enough allowance. :(

And making decisions regarding shoes has just gotten harder because now I have to think about this too – casual shoes or ugly school shoes? My cooler self would always always tell me to go for the casual shoes, but my smarter and more practical self would push me into buying black shoes for school. I have about a handful of black shoes (most of them coming from SM mid-year sale and local brands) now in less than three months of going to school and I honestly do not love owning them. I know it’s the most practical thing to invest on shoes that I wear five or six times a week, but there’s really nothing much I can do with black flats.

Parang ang arte ko, nakakainis.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Basil From Golden Chopsticks

The first time I’ve seen basil seeds in one of the many restaurants we’ve dined in in Bangkok, I asked myself why Thai people would eat tadpoles in raspberry syrup. They looked weird! If not tadpoles, these basil seeds actually remind me of red blood cells, only basil seeds are transparent and not red. But because I was being adventurous (and this sure paid off!), I got myself a cup of tadpoles swimming in raspberry sea.

The verdict: yummy! (How can I ever try to sound smarter in this blog when all I talk about are food and med school drama?) I think Thai people would categorize this specific dish as dessert since I saw it on the desserts table and well, it tasted cold and sweet. And I thought that was the last time I was ever going to taste those gooey/slimy but crunchy to the mouth basil seeds.

But what do you know, this royal, pontifical and catholic university that I’d simply call UST, actually has a tea shop that sells drinks with added basil seeds! At the second floor of Car Park Building, I found Golden Chopsticks. Yes, this is going to be another post on tea, so bear with me and my current obsession with tea. Aside from the usual milk tea and fruit-flavoured tea that this tea shop offers, Golden Chopsticks also has, like I’ve mentioned earlier, basil seeds and charcoal jelly as their add-ons. I don’t know about you but I don’t think Ersao or even Serenitea offers these sinkers.

What’s more to like about Golden Chopsticks is that they charge very minimally on their tea and add-ons. I got myself the basil drink which is basically calamansi-infused tea with basil. Aside from the basil seeds, they even put an actual calamansi in the drink which then caused actual calamansi pulp to float around my tea as well! Do I sound too excited? Whatever, this is really one of the greatest discoveries I’ve had in med school, even greater than finding out that a grande-sized Starbucks drink has more calories than a Big Mac meal. Going back, I’d just like to iterate that if ever you come by UST to go to the hospital or pick up your little brother from school, go to the second floor of Car Park and get yourself some basil drink! I’m going there tomorrow to buy the yogurt drink, again with basil seeds!

I’m too lazy to research, but I think basil has some health benefits. I’m just not sure what exactly, but I don’t know, I’m not usually the type to rave about health benefits. I’m just there for the tea, really.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eric Reminds Me of My Values

I’ve always been a fan of True Blood ever since the first season started. It’s probably the only vampire story I appreciate, because well, True Blood, for me, is the original vampire story. Everything else would just be romanticized versions of the original. Without all the sex and exposure of the boobies, I think the story is quite interesting. I like the constant struggle between Sookie and her desires for these two vampires. If you’re a fan like me, we both know na malibog talaga si Sookie and Bill and Eric are just attracted to this overflowing horny-ness of Sookie.

I just finished watching the second episode of the fourth season, and I have mixed feelings to what happened to Eric. Just so you know, Eric is my dream boy, my idea of an alpha-male. Because of some crazy witch who can bring back the dead, the young Eric or the Eric before he was bitten by his maker, was brought back to life! It’s quite amazing, mind-boggling even. But at the same time, I was thinking, how many people would want to go back or bring back to life the person who they used to be?

This is me trying to sound philosophical okay, not me trying to be emo (because we all know this has to be the easiest thing to do!). I mean, I’m sure there are some things I wish I hadn’t done or people I shouldn’t have or should have met, but I don’t want to go back and be the naïve person/vampire that Eric reverted into. I’m glad, no, relieved, that I’m not naïve, that I can somehow know what’s harming my principles and my values.

I realized this only recently during my Bioethics class which teaches us that we have to think black and white when it comes to decision-making. What the heck right?! Everyone knows, well at least the people I know, that decisions would always have their grey (gray?) areas, that sometimes it’s not as simple as quality over quantity. I know it’s part of being a good doctor to be able to make the right call, but I personally don’t think decision-making is a quantitative, more so a yes or no situation.

Okay, I think I just lost myself there. From True Blood to discussions on morality, ano nangyari?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Swimming Pool with No Bottom

I've finally decided that it's time to do a major overhaul of the songs in my iTunes. For the longest time, I haven't touched any of the songs I've downloaded at least two years ago. I hate to admit it, but most of the songs I've been listening to lately were only Glee songs. Hahaha, I know! Closeted Gleek yata ako. So anyway, while I was listening to my iPod on our bus ride back to Batangas, for most of the time, nagugulat na lang ako to realize that I have this song from Franz Ferdinand or this song from some artist I didn't even know that I knew! I felt like it wasn't my own iPod. It's really sad, like you're pretending to know someone or to be good at something, but really you're not. Pa-cool ka lang. Haha! And so I decided to sync my iPod and to start from scratch. The rule is, do not put into your iPod songs that you don't even know or remember.

I started with the indie bands that I was more or less familiar with. And I discovered this song by The Submarines. Sobrang pathetic if you ask me since this song has been sitting around my playlist for the longest time and I haven't listened to it until last night. But anyway, I'm posting this song now because I like it and it reminds of why I got interested in listening to indie more than punk rock or punk pop. FYI, I used to be a huge fan of bands like The Spill Canvas, Saosin, Underoath, Flyleaf and all those emo rock bands. I'm not saying these bands aren't good, I just can't imagine myself liking them before. But again, magaling sila okay! It's just that maybe, I wasn't fit into becoming an emo punk girl after all.

And I'd just like to make it clear that I'm really no music expert (very obvious from my used-to-be non-existent iPod recently played playlist). I'm just saying that this is a really good song for me and that you should check out this two-man-woman band and the rest of awesome feel-good songs.

The warning signs of a troubled mind
It's all the things we can't see and can't hide

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rose Green Tea

Have you noticed how there’s this sudden baby boom of milk tea shops around Metro Manila? Two years ago, frozen yogurt shops mushroomed like crazy and earlier last year, milk tea has become everyone’s favorite drink. When Serenitea opened, everyone wanted to try their utterly expensive milk tea. When people realized that Serenitea was too pricey and tastes too much like tea, other tea shops like Cha Time and Happy Lemon opened. But even before Serenitea and other cool-sounding tea shops opened, Ersao and Bubbatealicious were already there, only they were simply overlooked by people.

So I’m already saying too much about milk tea and all too many pleasantries after one paragraph. What I’m trying to say is that, I, too, am a fan of tea and milk, separately and combined. I grew up and have gotten used to drinking tea in the morning, after meals and sometimes, during the night. And in spite of my liking for tea, I honestly can’t tell the difference between green and black, or Oolong and Assam. (Am I the only one who doesn’t know the difference? :s) There are just too many teas that I haven’t tried yet, and I really really want to be this tea master who can readily tell, even just by the scent, that “Aaah, this is Osmanthus!”

And so begins the start of my study on tea. Basically, I’m just going to try the different kinds of tea that the nearby tea shops offer and write my honest and probably insufficient and amateur review on the tea of the day. I’m not trying to be the tea critic here, just someone who likes to know what’s in the tea that she’s buying.

Today’s tea is Rose Green Tea from Simple Line. I’ve always wanted to know how rose tastes like, as ice cream or as tea. I thought it’ll have the same bitter flower-y taste like Chrysanthemum tea, but yay it didn’t! Because I had it with Green tea instead of Black tea, there wasn’t much of the bitter taste that I’d normally recognize.

Tea tip #1: According to my research, black tea tastes more bitter than your green tea and has a higher caffeine content than green tea. One major difference between the two is that black tea is fermented or processed while green tea is simply picked, steamed then fried. So if you're planning to stay up longer, get black. (I'll probably be doing this tonight, too.)

It wasn’t too sweet also, which is a good thing for me. The rose actually reminded me of strawberry juice that’s near the bland tasting side. I liked how there were rose petals at the bottom which I nonchalantly drank as well. I realized only after finishing my drink whether or not it was okay for me swallow the rose petals since I don’t usually swallow my tea leaves. Hahaha. But to be fair, the rose petals felt smoother in the tongue, almost jelly-like, compared to tea leaves.

My question now is, can I use the rose petals being sold in the flower shops as a flavoring for my tea? Or do the rose petals that tea shops use go through a tea-fying process before they're added to the tea? I'll get back to you on this.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Monte Carlo

Because I wanted to celebrate the end of a hideously toxic week in med school, I decided to go watch Monte Carlo. Funny thing is, when I searched in ClicktheCity for cinemas in Metro Manila, it was only SM Manila and SM San Lazaro that showed this movie. So does that mean there are only 2 cinemas in Metro Manila? :O I’ll have to check this again.

I’m not really sure if I’m a fan of these sisterly-friendship-backed-up-by-so-many-love-stories kind of movies. I never got to watch the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, so I can’t really compare Monte Carlo with that one. I liked Mamma Mia! because well, I can sing to the Abba songs, with correct lyrics and with feelings. But I think Monte Carlo was actually worth watching for 150 pesos with a very small crowd, while everyone else is lining up to watch Transformers 3.

It’s that kind of movie that makes you feel that you want to be different and that it's okay to be different. You want to be this girl who stands out from the rest of the girls just because she thinks better differently, the girl who’s different from all the other girls and eventually ends up with the most gwapo guy in the movie. A lot of chick flicks are like that actually. Mean Girls, Easy A, Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions, and all the other chick flicks that we all just can’t seem to stop watching. But I don’t know, regardless of my foreknowledge that it’ll always be a happy ending for these films, it still feels good to know what happened in the end. And Pierre Boulanger was really just a cutie patootie with his curly hair and French accent. :”>

And can I just say that these chick flicks, they make girls think that they are bound to meet the perfect guy in the most perfect circumstances. Leighton Meester’s love story with the Australian guy quite frankly doesn’t seem so realistic to me. I mean, can you actually end up with someone you just met on the steps of a church? I’d love to have that kind of story, but seriously, I don’t think Filipinos are as brave as these characters from the movies.

But what I really liked the most about the movie was the setting. I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere in Europe, but this movie makes me want to save money and go there someday before I reach my 30s. I hear stories of friends going to Europe and really having the time of their lives. And since I’m slowly starting to enjoy going to museums and all that art shiz, Europe will probably the final destination of my attempt to be cultured. Haha.