Sunday, July 24, 2011

Basil From Golden Chopsticks

The first time I’ve seen basil seeds in one of the many restaurants we’ve dined in in Bangkok, I asked myself why Thai people would eat tadpoles in raspberry syrup. They looked weird! If not tadpoles, these basil seeds actually remind me of red blood cells, only basil seeds are transparent and not red. But because I was being adventurous (and this sure paid off!), I got myself a cup of tadpoles swimming in raspberry sea.

The verdict: yummy! (How can I ever try to sound smarter in this blog when all I talk about are food and med school drama?) I think Thai people would categorize this specific dish as dessert since I saw it on the desserts table and well, it tasted cold and sweet. And I thought that was the last time I was ever going to taste those gooey/slimy but crunchy to the mouth basil seeds.

But what do you know, this royal, pontifical and catholic university that I’d simply call UST, actually has a tea shop that sells drinks with added basil seeds! At the second floor of Car Park Building, I found Golden Chopsticks. Yes, this is going to be another post on tea, so bear with me and my current obsession with tea. Aside from the usual milk tea and fruit-flavoured tea that this tea shop offers, Golden Chopsticks also has, like I’ve mentioned earlier, basil seeds and charcoal jelly as their add-ons. I don’t know about you but I don’t think Ersao or even Serenitea offers these sinkers.

What’s more to like about Golden Chopsticks is that they charge very minimally on their tea and add-ons. I got myself the basil drink which is basically calamansi-infused tea with basil. Aside from the basil seeds, they even put an actual calamansi in the drink which then caused actual calamansi pulp to float around my tea as well! Do I sound too excited? Whatever, this is really one of the greatest discoveries I’ve had in med school, even greater than finding out that a grande-sized Starbucks drink has more calories than a Big Mac meal. Going back, I’d just like to iterate that if ever you come by UST to go to the hospital or pick up your little brother from school, go to the second floor of Car Park and get yourself some basil drink! I’m going there tomorrow to buy the yogurt drink, again with basil seeds!

I’m too lazy to research, but I think basil has some health benefits. I’m just not sure what exactly, but I don’t know, I’m not usually the type to rave about health benefits. I’m just there for the tea, really.


  1. looks weird!! hahahah. but it does look good. Wala akong makitang milk tea place dito!

  2. OH NO! Sobrang nakaka-adik talaga, nauubos allowance ko sa milk tea :(

    BTW, meron na Moon Leaf in Katipunan, beside Crave Burger? Wala lang, naalala lang kita when I saw it hahaha

  3. I have a friend rin na on Milk Tea hiatus kasi sobrang laki na daw ng nagagastos niya for Milk Tea. Hahaha. Okay lang yan dear, nakaka-happy kasi magMilk Tea diba? :)

    Awww Moonleaf!! <3

  4. trulalooo! milk teas are the perfect pick-me-upper! nagsusulputan na parang mushroom ang milk tea stores around school. chewy ba yung basil seeds? i wanna try!

    hoy mia! see you soon. magcacut ako for you!:)) agahan natin and lets have dinner in Maginhawa!

  5. It's not as chewy as the pearls, but ewan, I love them more! Meron ako nakita na milk tea place in Katipunan that has popping boba? Ewan ko kung ano yun :))

    Anyway, see you next week! I miss Maginhawa!