Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoes of My (future) LIfe

I was looking through Saab Magalona’s website and saw this.

It’s today! I have about 5 hours left before the party ends, but I’m not sure if I should I go considering I haven’t done any form of studying this weekend. And anyway, I haven’t fully decided if I should get a pair of those Vans x Hello Kitty slip-ons.

I’ve been debating on whether I should get these babies.

What do you think? A part of me thinks it looks too juvenile. Read: the party today is sponsored by a preteen magazine like Total Girl, so gets, I feel like I’m becoming like those moms who wear teenager clothes to the mall when they’re not supposed to do so in the first place. But at the same time, I don’t have any checkered Vans yet and the signature Hello Kitty bow really looks nice on the shoes. I already have an outfit in mind for these shoes, I just need the actual shoes to put the pieces together. Hay, life-changing decisions happen everyday you know.

Lola vibes <3

Another option would be to buy new Fiesta Collection from Keds. I found this teal Champion Jute at Shoe Salon, and the color really looks happy, an easy boost to any boring outfit. It also comes in black, orange and beige (which also looks pretty and easy to match with anything!). My old Keds are already worn out (may butas na yung left shoe) so it seems acceptable to finally let them retire as I buy myself a new pair.

I'm also looking for a pair of sequined shoes, preferably oxfords or brogues. I'm thinking I have too many ballet flats now and they just look too sad on my feet. I saw a salmon pink pair of sequined oxfords in F21 Singapore for only 700-800 pesos and I regret not buying them. My sister said they looked too disco. So many shoes, not enough allowance. :(

And making decisions regarding shoes has just gotten harder because now I have to think about this too – casual shoes or ugly school shoes? My cooler self would always always tell me to go for the casual shoes, but my smarter and more practical self would push me into buying black shoes for school. I have about a handful of black shoes (most of them coming from SM mid-year sale and local brands) now in less than three months of going to school and I honestly do not love owning them. I know it’s the most practical thing to invest on shoes that I wear five or six times a week, but there’s really nothing much I can do with black flats.

Parang ang arte ko, nakakainis.

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  1. espadrilles forever! 3rd one..
    lola vibes..hahahah!

  2. I love the fiesta/ lola vibes!!! Go get it!! :)

  3. I love them all! <3 but the lola shoes wala dito, meron ba sa Vans stores dyan? ;;)

    I'll probably be getting the Keds na lang. The Hello Kitty slip-ons can wait!