Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Swimming Pool with No Bottom

I've finally decided that it's time to do a major overhaul of the songs in my iTunes. For the longest time, I haven't touched any of the songs I've downloaded at least two years ago. I hate to admit it, but most of the songs I've been listening to lately were only Glee songs. Hahaha, I know! Closeted Gleek yata ako. So anyway, while I was listening to my iPod on our bus ride back to Batangas, for most of the time, nagugulat na lang ako to realize that I have this song from Franz Ferdinand or this song from some artist I didn't even know that I knew! I felt like it wasn't my own iPod. It's really sad, like you're pretending to know someone or to be good at something, but really you're not. Pa-cool ka lang. Haha! And so I decided to sync my iPod and to start from scratch. The rule is, do not put into your iPod songs that you don't even know or remember.

I started with the indie bands that I was more or less familiar with. And I discovered this song by The Submarines. Sobrang pathetic if you ask me since this song has been sitting around my playlist for the longest time and I haven't listened to it until last night. But anyway, I'm posting this song now because I like it and it reminds of why I got interested in listening to indie more than punk rock or punk pop. FYI, I used to be a huge fan of bands like The Spill Canvas, Saosin, Underoath, Flyleaf and all those emo rock bands. I'm not saying these bands aren't good, I just can't imagine myself liking them before. But again, magaling sila okay! It's just that maybe, I wasn't fit into becoming an emo punk girl after all.

And I'd just like to make it clear that I'm really no music expert (very obvious from my used-to-be non-existent iPod recently played playlist). I'm just saying that this is a really good song for me and that you should check out this two-man-woman band and the rest of awesome feel-good songs.

The warning signs of a troubled mind
It's all the things we can't see and can't hide


  1. I like the soooong :"> magooverhaul na rin ako ng iPod!!

  2. Super cute ng lyrics no? Okay, let's be hipsters from now on! HAHA

  3. Haha Mia! Same here, ang daming songs sa mp3 player ko na di ko alam. Happy surprises when a good song I didn't know I have comes up on shuffle. :D And andami ko din Simple Plan songs and the like which I now find too loud to listen to. HAHA! Kelangan na din siguro maglinis ng player. I like your rule --and The Submarines, super feel good! :)
    ps. I'm back reading your blog. It's great!! I love it. <3 <3 Aaand I miss you! Ang haba ng comment eh noh?!! Napakwento na :D

  4. Simple Plan HAHAHAHA those were the days! You should revamp your iPod rin. It's really refreshing to listen to the songs that we actually know :))

    And make/revive your blog na rin! Or kahit yung tumblr mo na lang. All of us are super active bloggers na, join uuus!