Thursday, August 25, 2011

If I Weren't Here

In the three months that I've been in med school, it was impossible not to think of other options that I could be doing right now instead of studying the thoracic wall and mediastinum.

Sell shoes
I’ve always been a great fan of shoes which I guess led me to become very meticulous about the shoes I buy. I can’t express how magical shoes really are; they have a different effect to me that new clothes or new gadgets can never give. Maybe like a good kind of high? I don’t know, it’s just really different when I get to buy a new pair of shoes and get so excited when and where I’ll wear my new babies. And the happiness actually is different every time. Sometimes, it can be that finally-after-so-long kind of happiness or the amazing-discovery kind of kilig.

My love for shoes has taken me to actually studying the differences between oxfords and brogues and to constantly checking websites for new releases. I buy cheap shoes most of the time and expensive shoes whenever my mom would allow for it. I think it’s a cool idea to design shoes I really want and to actually have them made. I envy those brave girls who have enough resources and talent to actually design shoes and sell them on Facebook or even Multiply. It’s been a dream for a really long time. I don’t draw very well, but I have some ideas on what can possibly look good on my feet, at least. This would usually include a lot of suede, tassels, gum soles, moccasins, canvass, and laces. Yeah, I think I like shoelaces.

Check out Hebe Manila for pretty shoes and bags. I've been wanting to buy these Manhattan flats for the longest time, but I promised I'll wait until the end of August before I buy my own pair. Photo from Hebe Manila on Facebook.

Do research
I don’t mind sitting all day, just looking for stuff then put them all together into one really long report. It’s a boring job but I guess my psych background can be of help here. Research sounds really boring, but it won’t feel as boring compared to a desk job. I don’t really know anything about this corporate world that I am secretly scared of. In my head, corporate = black slacks, same boring blouses, and a desk with maybe a desktop computer.

Sell chicken at Mercato
I'd like to believe that my mom's chicken recipe can beat Manang's chicken anytime. Haha! Manang's is fast becoming everyone's favorite chicken thanks to its sweet oriental taste of the chicken wings. I was excited when I finally had the chance to try their chicken at the newly opened branch in Ortigas Center, but when I tasted the chicken, parang uhh, luto ng nanay ko? I swear, it tastes exactly the same as my mom's cooking! Except for the addition of sesame seeds which I didn't really feel. I'm not saying Manang's sells bad chicken; it's good chicken! If I wasn't so used to the taste, I'd think it was yummy too. But thank God for one of my mom's very few good dishes, I wouldn't have to spend 75 pesos on one piece of chicken. I just think Manang's tends to charge a lot for their chicken.

So if I do get tired of med school and decide to open a business, I'd consider putting up a chicken stall in the likes of Mercato. I still have to think of a catchy name for my chicken business. I'd tell you my mom's recipe, but then that would lessen my chances of opening my chicken business, right?

Become a preschool teacher
This is something that I’ve actually wanted, next to becoming a doctor. If only my parents were a bit more encouraging about this option, I would've taken it more seriously. (But I think I'm quite done with that drama)

In the last few months of college, I felt like I was having a crisis. I realized that I’m not particularly good at anything. Maybe I was pretty good at studying for long hours, and I think this made me want to go to med school even more. But aside from that, I wasn’t good at Public Relations, Counseling, Human Resources or to anything that’s supposed to be related to working in the “real world”. The only thing I had left and was comfortable with was being a preschool teacher. If luck pushes me, maybe grade school? I love love love kids (especially the pinkish, chinito and chubby little boys) and I love being with them most of the time, just goofing around and having the perfect excuse to be silly because well, kids love silly people. And I don’t think I can last in those corporate uniforms, pretending I’m this serious adult who likes to discuss the stock market and the booming business of health care.

And don't think that preschool is an escape, or an easy way out. I hear stories from friends-turned-preschool teachers that it’s just as stressful as any regular office job. What sets preschool teachers apart from other professions is the rewards the teachers get – unlimited hugs and smooches from their babies. I want that too!

But I'm here and I'm planning to stay until I get to wear that long white coat.

Random video, because I've been updating my iPod lately. Well, updating = listening to songs I never got to listen to before.

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