Monday, September 12, 2011

Meiday! Meiday! x Arigato, Hato! EP Launch

In hopes of fulfilling my dream of becoming a hipster (even for a single night), I dragged my friends to Arigato, Hato!’s EP launch at B-Side Bar in The Collective, Makati.

For the record, I’ve never attended anything like this before. Sure, I’ve been to free concerts in malls and in open grounds, but never anything similar to this. I’ve always thought that album launches are exclusively for friends of the artists or for people who were really passionate about the music. Me, I’m just your regular pretentious hipster. Haha! Even if I listen to indie music most of the time, but I rarely get local indie music. I guess it’s just that I was never really exposed to a lot of local music, be it indie or mainstream. But lately, I’ve been obsessing over this band that my brother sort of introduced to me. Friends, meet the band Bee Eyes.

Borrowing words from a friend, Bee Eyes sounds like Beach Boys but more indie and anti-folk (whatever anti-folk means). I’d like to think that their songs would be perfect on a long drive going to the beach or during an afternoon nap by the gazebo on the beach. Check them out in Bandcamp to download the rest of their songs!

And after realizing and frantically texting my brother about Bee Eyes being part of the line-up for the next Meiday! Meiday! gig, I’ve decided that I have to go to the launch to listen to the band live, and probably to buy Arigato, Hato!’s latest EP too.

 Lots of hipster kids in Malugay that night, but also some equally normal-looking people like us who were there to check things out and to listen some good local music.

It was too bad we never got to listen to The Dorques and Pedicab that night (we had to go somewhere else), but it was an experience nonetheless.

Bee Eyes playing live was just amazing! I like how they sounded when recording in the studio, but the energy when they played live was more exciting. I was hoping I’d get an EP or something that night, but no luck.
And when another band called Ciudad played, the crowd just went crazy! Well, hipster crazy if you know what I mean. I’ve never actually listened to any of their music before, but after listening to them that night, I’ve been searching and downloading their songs. Galing rin!

The last band we caught before leaving Malugay was Techy Romantics. I’ve known this band since college, and I can’t quite remember how or why. I wasn’t much of a fan since they sounded more like House than indie rock to me. But the vocalist was super pretty! And her voice! Parang Bonnie Bailey lang, but less electric, which I consider as something good.

 I wanted to hear The Dorques play. Last time I’ve seen them was during UP Fair way way back, and I’ve always remembered them as the band who includes Nihonggo in their lyrics.

Hopefully, this won't be the first and last Meiday! event that I can go to. Malugay is just a lot more accessible than Cubao. 

Sucky photos I know. I insisted on not using flash. :/


  1. Bee Eyes yung bf ni Saab? He's good nga, in fair! Looks fun sweetie :)

  2. I think they're not together anymore :/ but yes, he's the guy!