Friday, September 9, 2011

Tipid Days

Before I entered college, I’ve always known that siomai and every other dimsum I know are classified under appetizers in any Chinese restaurant. And this is partly the reason why dimsum is supposed to be served first, or at least next to soup.

But thank God for Dimsum ‘n Dumplings in the Gonzaga Caf and my need for a 50-peso meal, the siomai rice was born. I remember not understanding why siomai was served with this huge cup of rice that the kuya even bombards with lots of soy sauce. Weirdly, it works! And from then on, siomai rice has become a good choice if anyone was in the need of an equally filling and very affordable meal in the caf.

So now, my dad gets surprised to see me and my siblings eat our siomai with rice. I realize older people don't get the idea of eating siomai as ulam to rice, but hey, it doesn't work for everyone. I would think the genuine Chinese people in China or Hong Kong would cringe by the thought of pairing up siomai with rice. Haha.

This invention (or discovery) of siomai rice was taken to another level when I started school in UST. Dapitan is known to be the place where one can find meals for merely 30 pesos, pwede pa yata unlimited rice. I later realize that siomai rice was one of the cheapest and most common meals served in almost all carinderia’s in Dapitan area. Meron maraming siomai wrap, meron maraming chili, meron lasang harina, meron lasang bola-bola. Siomai rice can go for as cheap as 25 pesos (this includes rice and 5 pieces siomai with very very little meat) and possibly 50 pesos at the most.

And for someone who’s been exposed to lots of siomai all her life, I think the only thing siomai-y about the siomai in Dapitan would be the siomai wrapper. The Chinese taste (and even smell) just wasn’t there. But malamang you’re not supposed to expect that from a piece of siomai that’s cheaper than a cup of rice right?

Let me introduce you to one of the better siomai I’ve tasted in UST.

4 pieces Sharksfin Siomai with rice for only 40 pesos 

Dimsum Treats is located beside Pacific Suites Condominium along Dapitan Street. Compared to other carinderia’s in Dapitan, Dimsum Treats specializes in siomai. They have special siomai, sharksfin siomai, mushroom siomai, chicken siomai, quail egg siomai and Japanese siomai. I personally think it still doesn’t have the authenticity we can taste in genuine siomai, but the siomai here tastes way better than the others. But it’s super meaty, as in it’s so meaty, para nang bola-bola wrapped in siomai wrap.

Siomai rice has become a no-brainer choice for me now. If I’m looking for something cheap or something that’s a no-fail choice, Dimsum Treats is ze way to go.

And with all this tipid phase I’m trying to pull off, I’ve decided to try and save money.

 My improvised alkansya

I know, I should’ve bought a nicer coin bank. (someone please give me a nicer coin bank for Christmas :D) I emptied the nuts inside the can and filled it with coins and loose change. The goal was to save as much as money as I can in one month, and today marked the 30th day of my money-saving days! I already planned what I wanted with my savings, maybe a new pair of shoes or a new dress? Ambisyoso! I counted my savings and sadly, I only earned 800 pesos. Fine, 780 pesos to be exact. I seriously thought I can save more than a thousand in a month, but I guess not. Where does my allowance go then?? Oh well, at least I have money to pay the electrical bill for this month.

I don’t know why I’ve been spending too much lately, because I remember not spending so much in a day during college. Maybe it’s the milk tea after class or the occasional coffee or the weekend gimmicks. 

I need to think of a new battle plan to save more money and to buy more shoes. I now feel the need to pay for my own luxuries because the times have become harder and shoes no longer come cheap. And well, because I realize it’s actually pretty exciting to save money. I get excited everyday thinking how much money I’m saving already and what shoes I can buy with my hard-earned (HAHA) money.

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