Friday, October 21, 2011

Odds In My Favor

I was writing something about the unfairness that was brought into this world and how it manifests itself even in the most mundane situations, but when I was reading through it just now, i feel like I can’t relate to these things as much as I thought I was when I started writing this particular entry a few weeks back. They all just seem shallow if not self-pitying. I wince at that thought of me going super emo. Eck. But I did manage to salvage some good points, such as this really uhh-duh epiphany about why so many things seem so unfair most of the time.

And so I quote myself, “I can only realize that things get unfair when i compare what I have to what another one has. Comparison seems to make everything unfair.” Does this sound too obvious? Am I the only one who actually understands now that the idea of anything being unfair or equal really just matters on who or what you compare yourself with? That maybe, say my logic is still working correctly, if people stop comparing more so contrasting themselves to someone higher or more inferior (or to anyone in general, really), then there’s probably a bigger chance of feeling really really happy, more room to feel that yes, you’ve done well my child. But then again, if this were highly feasible, there wouldn’t be a lot of people taking their own lives because they feel like they can never live up to other people’s (e.g. parents) expectations from them. So to compare thyself or not to compare?

If you think about it, not comparing seems like the best way to go, but just thinking about it bores me gravely. What do we make of the competition we’re all supposed to be part of? This struggle for survival that’s now been commonly translated into letters by so many authors (not that I’m complaining). And aside from competition, how can we possibly know if there’s something we can improve on if we don’t compare ourselves to our neighbors? Maybe not everyone will agree with me when I say this but I’m sure there are people who feel more satisfied if they know get a higher grade or a higher pay than that person they hate the most or despise at the very least. Here, the I’m-competing-against-myself card obviously can’t be played, because in all honesty, that statement just sounds to hypocritical to me. Haha.

Speaking of competition and the cruelty this world brings, I’ve just finished the first book of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. And wow. Sure, the lines get too cheesy sometimes, but the rest of the book was just too exciting. This kind of stories and those characters like Katniss Everdeen or even Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones make me want to be this crazy jungle girl who runs the world as if it’s her own crazy little jungle. Sadly though, the second book, Catching Fire doesn’t seem as hyped up as the first one since the actual games are over and I don’t think there’s really much to talk about when the whole point of the book (which is Hunger Games) was finished in the first installment. But I don’t know, I’ve only read a few pages of the second book, and I’m still waiting to be surprised.

I love how I'm having so much time to read the books I've been dying to read since the start of school. My goal for the next 2 weeks is to finish at least 5 books and try to buy new ones in case I exceed the quota. Hihi. Aaah, I love sembreak! And just to show you how much I do, I present to you my first. GIF! :) 

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Thank you picasion :))

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