Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Very Long Winter

It feels like it’s been ages since I last wrote anything here or even in my thinking journal, but only to realize that it’s only nearly (is this grammatically correct?) been two weeks. Being in med school makes me feel like that days are longer.

Speaking of days, only a few more days until the end of what seems like my longest semester ever. To tell you the truth, it hasn’t been the most fulfilling or uplifting semester either. I’m at that point in my academic life that the only goal is to pass. I know, I really have an issue on not feeling adequate about anything, grades most especially. But bleh, I think I’m done with that.

Don’t you ever reach that phase when you tell yourself, it’s time to grow up. These things that I’ve considered very very important don’t really matter in the real world. I speak as if I’ve been out there, when truthfully, I also feel that I’m still inside this comfort bubble that’s already perforated with little pockets of enlightenment from the rest of the world.

What I’m trying to say is that winter is coming.


So far, the khaleesi's my favorite. Only because she's got a really cool dragon! 

Yes, I’ve just joined the crazy bandwagon of Game Of Thrones and good Lord, is this show addicting. I feel like such a poser for starting to watch so late. But anyway, I just have to finish the season tonight. This cannot wait. But I digress on my interpretation of that whole clause, winter is coming.

From what I’ve absorbed from the episodes, it’s almost similar to saying that something bad is going to happen and you just know it. Maybe like, winter = danger? I might be jumping ahead of myself, but i think there’s some sense into what I’m saying. I’ve always associated winter or the rainy season (if you’d relate it to the tropical context of this country) to the sad and gloomy days. We’ve studied in psychology how this kind of weather really gets people down. We’d call it the seasonal depression, referring mainly to the winter or rainy season. It was studied that during this phase, more people would commit suicide or would have greater episodes of depression or anything in line with sadness and misery. So if I try to correlate this nice-to-know fact with that infamous episode title of Game Of Thrones, I’d say winter -> grimness -> emotional outbursts (e.g. anger, trouble, revenge). But this is just me freewriting and trying to make sense of what I’ve just watched.

And yes, I can really feel winter coming in the last few days of this semester. So God help me.

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