Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where Do My Pesoses Go?

For the past few days I’ve been checking multiple online groupon (group coupon for those who aren’t very familiar) sites. I know, I know. What is it with me and trying things out later than the rest of the world? Anyway. You can just imagine how excited I was to see that so many nail spas, beach getaways, lunch buffets, and international trips are discounted, with at least 50% off their original price! And malamang, I couldn’t pass up that chance to buy at least one coupon. You see, there are times when I am very meticulous (aka kuripot) with the things I buy, especially when it comes to the basics and sometimes, even with food. Some would say this is quite stupid; there’s supposedly this unspoken rule (well at least in fashion) that one is supposed to invest on the basics, on those things categorized as necessary. Under this list would be food, toiletries and whatever basic thing you might need.

I, on the other hand, have evolved to scrimp on these things. When doing my groceries, I’d most likely go for Cheezee over Cheez Whiz because the former is 5 or so pesos cheaper than the latter. My mom would hate it when I buy Eden over Kraft cheese. This is just an example; my point is, why would I spend so much on these basic necessities that I consume regularly when I can go cheap and use the extra money to give way to my luxuries, which would of course include clothes, shoes and books among other things. So in connection to my most recent purchase in cashcashpinoy, I’ve found a supposedly good deal that, from what I have stupidly understood, sells a pair of Keep shoes for only 300 pesos. So from 2000 pesos, they’re now priced at 300 pesos…supposedly.

The list of shoes that were included in the deal weren’t very pretty to be honest. I wouldn’t buy them if they were being sold for their original price, but since they were discounted, I told myself I might as well waste a few hundred pesos for a pair that I’d probably wear at least 3 times. And what do you know, after I deposited my 300 to the nearby bank and downloaded my voucher, I see this...

Have I been fooled? :( Or maybe I'm just not financially smart. Yeah, maybe I'm not.

Ang galling ko di ba. What I initially thought was a really good deal, was not a good deal at all. Or maybe, I just wasn’t thinking hard enough to know that duh, shoes like these really don’t go very cheap or that the shoes were originally priced at 3500 and the deal says 2000-peso discount. I realize I'm not very good with money deals or money matters in general. So there, I’m now thinking if I should still buy the shoes (which would now cost me around 1800 pesos) or just think that the 300 pesos I donated will be given to those who need it.

Another thing that’s got me sleeping late for the past few days was Multiply Marketplace. It’s so accessible! I’ve read about fashion bloggers raving about how it’s so efficient and fun, and believe me, they don’t lie. I saw this site that sells vintage glasses. I don’t even remember how I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed new glasses, but I ended up buying a pair. I mean, 650 pesos for vintage eyeglasses. That’s a pretty good purchase right? Right? 

I just hope my flat nose can pull this off. :| (photo from Paterno Eyewear)

Why do I have the feeling that most of the time, my desires overpower my superego self that I just end up on whatever it is I’m not supposed to end up with. Oh well, oh well. These groupon sites can be very good with their words.

However, just so I can save myself from admitting that I’m not really very good at handling money, I was able to drop by the Topshop/Topman mid-season sale this afternoon. Just so you know, I was never really the brand-conscious type. I was raised to think that a white shirt from Blue Corner (priced at 80 pesos) is just as good as a white from Fruit of the Loom (priced around 400 pesos). But I saw this really really pretty white dress that’s been discounted at 80% off that I just found lining up in front of the counter to buy it, not knowing where I’ll use it. But trust me, it was a really good deal! A legit one if I may add. And just before I was about to head home, I passed by Saizen and saw the widest racks of cheap mascara, eyeliners and lipsticks, all priced under a hundred pesos. I don’t know why this attracted me considering that I was never the make-up type either. Nice-to-know fact: I don’t know how to put on my own make-up. But I succumbed to the big 85-pesos-only sign and bought a really red lipstick. (Why do I even have to mention this.) I tried it when I got home, and, ayos brad. Haha.

At 21, I feel that I still haven’t learned the art of budgeting my money very well and knowing whether something’s worth purchasing or not. What would seem like a good buy to me isn’t a very smart move in the end. I need to learn how to manage my money. And just so you know, that alkansya that I so excitedly talked about a few posts back has long been abandoned. I only lasted for a month. Money, money, stop tempting me please. My mommy will get mad.

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