Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dapitan Arcade

Thank God for a midweek holiday! And I mean a real holiday. Not that kind of holiday that professors would normally ruin by “incidentally” giving tons of homework or things to study for. This time, it’s a real free day for everyone, well for everyone I know at least. And what’s a better way to spend the holiday than exploring Dapitan street. Haha. I realize that I’ve been talking about Dapitan for quite a while now. The water puddles of Dapitan, the baha of Dapitan, the siomai of Dapitan, the yagit street kids of Dapitan, and now, I present to you, the Dapitan Arcade.

 Streets of Dapitan


I only realized today that the Dapitan I know is just one third of this really really long street. If you think about it, Dapitan is actually longer than Katipunan Avenue. As I have learned today from commuting to Dapitan Arcade, Dapitan on the left is actually what they would call the residential area while the right (where I live) is probably better called the commercial area since this side has a lot more establishments (i.e. UST). Dapitan Arcade, however, is found within the residential area.

Dapitan Arcade, including the makeshift shops along the streets outside, is known for its vast collection of Christmas and holiday decorations sold at very very low prices. If you look closely, the stuff you can find in the likes of Gourdo’s, SM’s Our Home and maybe Rustan’s can actually be found here too! I discovered this when I saw a store selling ceramic plates, liquid soap pumps and cups and realized that I think I’ve seen these ceramics in Gourdo’s, but certainly not with the same price! So I guess, this is one of the main reasons why a lot of mommies and daddies go here; pieces are sold at rock-bottom prices and are of really good quality.

Aside from the price, the Christmas decors are actually kind of unique and interesting. There are some that look bland and can be comparable to the chipipay ones in Divi, but the rest of the decors made me really excited for Christmas. Maybe if I were a mom, I’d go crazy choosing which snowman or reindeer or swinging Santa Claus to buy. Dapitan Arcade would be my mom’s own version of the vintage stores I liked in Cubao X. But then again, I’ve never heard of any middle-aged adult who isn’t a fan of antique or vintage things. But I digress.

 Inside Dapitan Arcade

Aside from the Christmas decors that my sister and I bought for my mom and our tita’s, what really caught my eye were those hampers and rattan carts, crates and treasure boxes that I wanted for myself. If only we had our own car to drive, I would’ve bought that huge penguin treasure box and use it as shoe storage. Mental note to myself: when I get married or get my own house (both circumstances seem to equate each other), I want my furniture to be all wood and my storage bins to be all katsa and rattan.

If you’re planning to swing by Dapitan Arcade, be sure to drop by early in the morning to avoid crowds and the painfully hot weather. Walking around the street at noon was not the best feeling in the world, I’d tell you that. And bring lotsa water just to stay hydrated in case you failed to follow the first advice. If you’re eyeing for Christmas decors, it’s better to look at the stuff outside the arcade itself, aka the makeshift stalls found along the Mayon and Canluan (was it Canluan or Canlungan? Dunno) because the stuff outside are way cheaper than the decors inside the arcade. And sometimes, those outside sell nicer decors too. Just saying. And last, if you need ceramic plates or tea cups, better go to Mayon Street (near the traffic light). If you see a palengke across the street, you’re in the right place. Happy Christmas shopping!

Because today’s a holiday, I just couldn’t allow myself to stay at home for the rest of the day and play Game of Nerds or watch TVD. So I dragged my sister and went to the mall for some window-shopping. Before heading home, we stopped by Saizen and I found this!

I’m not sure if it’s really worth the 85 pesos, but it’s super cute. I already used it to measure my nighttime tea and will use it again tomorrow morning.


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