Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mia Year

25 days to go before Christmas, and no, this isn’t going to be a post about the list of things I want for this Christmas.

After more than two months, I’ve finally found the time to open and update my planner. You see, back in college, I’ve always kept a planner for homework, important events, random nothings, emo one-liners and free time doodling. I tried really hard to keep it updated when school started but later on realized that the time I waste drawing cows or flowers or amateur topography on my planner is better spent maybe reading through my school handouts. And so, it’s only now that I really found the time to try and remember the things I did or places I went to for the past few months.

One of the things I love about keeping a planner is that it really reminds you of the things you’ve done or have to do. Going through the earlier months of 2011, I saw the transition from an easy life of endless dinners and trips to the malls with friends to blank pages from September until November. The blank pages can be attributed to lack of time to update as I have mentioned earlier or to lack of social life. if you see my planner, you can see that there has been a rapid decline of night-outs with friends and more of movie watching alone.


Somehow, it makes me sad to see how much and how fast my life has changed in a matter of months, but at the same time, I am amazed that all of this is happening in front of me and I’m here watching it all happen. A part of me though feels that aside from med school (which is duh, a really big thing if you think about it), I haven’t really made full use of this year. I ask myself, how much has changed since 2010? Am I still the same girl who writes Death Cab For Cutie song lyrics on her planner from 2010 to 2011? I know a lot of things have changed and a lot of the circumstances I’ve lived in have shifted, but what about me? Somehow, I can’t fully comprehend if any part of me has grown more mature with all the supposed experiences that I’ve been through.

I appreciate that this year has opened me to a lot of opportunities and to the start of a decade of studying and hopefully, to a lifelong vocation. You have to know that I have cursed 2010 to hell. I started that year feeling that this really doesn’t feel like Mia Year. I was more than happy to have ended that year and even happier when 2011 started. But it was a fluctuating love and hate for 2011. I wouldn’t say it has been smooth-sailing, but not entirely eventful either. I’m excited for what 2012 will bring and somehow, hopeful that 2012 will be Mia Year.


Last night, I was studying for Anatomy when I just stopped and told myself, “eh mag-trabaho na lang kayo ako?” How does it feel to be part of the workforce? I’ve always wondered how it feels to go to work in the morning and then do nothing but lounge around at night. Maybe the stress levels won’t be as high as compared to med school. Or maybe I’m just too biased.


My sister had this penguin costume made for their coming college week. She’s supposed to parade around the whole school at lunch time while wearing this. Pretty funny. She reminds me of the lead girl in the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. But I think I’ll borrow this costume for the Kythe Christmas Party on Saturday. Haha!

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