Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too Many Just's

If you happen to be reading this post now, hopefully you're able to see the new changes I've made with my header. Too obvious for you not to notice, I assume.

This is the reason why I've been putting my 2nd semestral homework reading on hold -- me trying to get Paint to work, because Photoshop was just too complicated for me. I figured it wasn't something I can learn on my own and would require someone really good at it or at least someone who can tell me how I can put a background color to my picture. And as you can see, this doesn't look like it's something that's been worked on for three nights. :-< But I swear, I really tried to work hard on this one. It's just that it came to a point na bahala na, all this layout and HTML codes are making me dizzy. No one aside from a few friends and random strangers from Singapore and Canada read this little blog anyway. Maybe in a few days, I'll have an OC streak and try to get that header photo done properly. For now, please excuse the really really bad drawing and handwriting. In my head, doing something from scratch would be really cool, but obviously, I'm not very good at this. I draw like a preschooler. Haha.

And if you've noticed, my blog title's been changed. I felt like I can't live up to the old title "From the Ocean and From the Hills" even if I really loved that line and what it meant. It's just that I haven't gotten around finishing to read the book where I got that line from, so technically, that makes me a poser for using that line without even getting to the half of the book. But just so you know, I got this line from this Japanese children's story book entitled Totto-Chan. It's really cute and actually deeper than what you'd expect from a children's story book. I'd tell you more about it, but then again, as mentioned, I'm not yet done reading it. :(

So I tried to come up with something witty or riveting (rrrriveting when spoken sounds so sophisticated, I don't know why), but since I'm not entirely gifted with a talent for word play or wit, I, again "stole" a line from a book. At least this time, it's from a book I've actually finished and understood.

"A Show for the Moon" comes from Katniss Everdeen's thoughts in The Hunger Games' last book, Mockingjay. It's not exactly part of those quotable quotes that the book had tons of, but just one of the ways Katniss described the situation in one of the torn down districts of Panem. And it's not exactly the most poetic line anyone has ever heard, but then again, I never said I was going for anything poetic or anything too deep here.

I mentioned how this little blog of mine might probably have just a handful of readers. My dashboard says I have about 5 followers (whoa right), so that makes up a hand right? So I'm practically here, writing an entry for the moon and in some way, for myself and for my relief. I never really intended for my blog to be read by other people. As stupid as it may seem, I wanted it to stay private and deeply personal in this bare-it-all frenzy of the Internet. Maybe because I didn't want a lot of people judging how bad my writing gets most of the time, with all that redundancy and lack of better word to use. But more importantly, people have their own way of interpreting what I write in ways that I never intended them to and this just makes everything so so complicated. Trust me on this one. I've gotten into misunderstandings with real people because I couldn't keep myself from typing down my thoughts. :s

And just to add a little spice to what is otherwise a useless entry, I give you this.

photo from Vanity Fair

I can't wait for the movie!!! I was expecting they'd get a cuter Peeta Mellark but the blonde guy (I don't know his name) doesn't seem so bad. Liam Hemsworth seems like the perfect guy to play the role of Gale Hawthorne because of all that ruggedness and stubble. I need more photos like this one because the trailer just sucks so bad. :( 

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