Thursday, November 24, 2011

Water Balls

Look what I've made for the past week.

Doesn't it remind you of those pictures you randomly reblog in Tumblr? I think this work/picture of mine is now worth reblogging. 

They're called crystal balls and were introduced to me by my little sister who bought the balls from one of side street vendors near her school. Apparently, these crystal balls are equivalent to the "kisses" I used to collect back in grade school. Remember those kisses which smelled really nice and were thought of as nanganganak if you place them in a bed of cotton? Hahaha. Your childhood would be missing a piece if you have not heard of these kisses.

So how to make these balls.

Seven Color Crystal Boll

You have to read the instructions/information. Benta! Haha

After immersing them in water for about 2-3 hours, ta-daaah! 

Excuse the countless lines engraved on my palm

I don't know exactly what these balls are for, but I just really like how they look when they're immersed in water. A little caution though. If you can remember your lesson on osmosis or the diffusion of water from regions of high water concentration to low water concentration, this principle strongly applies on my balls. After leaving them in the water for about a day, around 5 balls have undergone hemolysis or cell bursting. This is due to, you know it, osmosis. Because too much water has been absorbed by the balls, they ended up breaking themselves in the end. Boo. 

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