Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elorde Boxing Gym Taft

Yaaaay! I am happy to say that I finally have one thing to tick off my 25 (although it's still at 10 right now) things before 25 list.

Just a few days ago, I have decided to enroll myself to the gym. Well, not really the usual gym with proper airconditioning and weights and the whole shiz, but a boxing gym! In between the Tropical Hut building and the white building of CSB is the building where Elorde Boxing Gym stands. It's located at the fourth floor of the building, with Tokyo Tokyo at the ground floor and a huuuge internet cae on the second floor.

I was pretty anxious at first since I decided to enroll even I didn't have any of my friends ir my sister to join me. I figured, don't let the absence of company stop you from doing what you want. Ha! Good move right there. You see, apart from my increased desire to lose weight right now, I've been on this crazy complex of figuring out what I can possibly be good or at least trying out things that can possibly be a form of a hobby for me. My friends have always teased me that I have "heavy hands" or in Filipino, mabigat na kamay. From what I've understood, it meant that I have an easy tendency to "hurt" people by actually hitting them or slapping thrm or whatever. So I thought, sublimation!!! Sublimation if you can remember from your Psychology 101 classes is a defense mechanism which involves transforming an unacceptable behavior into something more positive, and so we arrive at boxing.

I had my first session last Thursday. It lasted for almost two hours. A usual routine, based on what I've read and what I've experienced, includes two rounds of  running, punching bag, hanging ball, speed ball, two-mitts, jump rope and ab workout. I actually can't remember specifically what you call those bags, but next time I go to the gym, I'll try to take a picture. Haha.

Mind you, I am no athlete. I probably don't have the stamina that my athletic friends have, so you must think that it was crazy of me to try boxing alone. It was! But it wasn't as complicated, for lack of term, as you think. The instructors were really nice and patient with me, even if I kept complaining on how challenging the jump rope was for me or how I can't really do sit-ups that fast. What makes boxing challenging for me is when you're doing drills beside someone who's really good. I swear, when I was doing the speed bag, which by the way is VERY hard I realize (Manny Pacquaio must be really good pala), there was this guy who kept throwing his punches at a very fast pace. Ang galing! I felt ashamed for myself for a while, but then I saw other beginners who were doing as badly as I was. Hahaha, so I guess that was okay.

I can't really say much and be like the authority of boxing in this blog when I've only been on one training session. But just to encourage you even more, let me tell you that all your anxiety and reservations about boxing and maybe about Elorde can be resolved if you try it yourself. The sweat after the routines just makes me feel so alive!  You'll love it, feeling mo talaga you're losing weight. Haha. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I Have To Do

It has always been my greatest frustration to have a talent. I grew up thinking that every person should have at least one talent. People who can sing, people who can dance, people who can draw really well, people who can play sports, and people who can play instruments. Sadly, I am neither one of those people. I've always been scared of show-your-talent game or those type of games that require you to do something as a consequence, becuase duh, what do I have to show? Maybe that's why I was never made to join beuty pageants either. Chos. But seriously speaking, I really want to be good at something. You know, something legit like playing the piano or taking artsy fartsy, hipster-ish photos. Why why why, when God showered this world with talents, I was not blessed to have one when there are people out there, people like my friends, who have limitless talents???

It's not like I never tried. I mean, if talents cannot be given to me by nature, as my Psychology profs always, everything else is 50% nurture. When I was younger, I'd ask my parents if I join summer classes in school. I tried soooo many. Karate, Taekwondo, ballet, dancing workshops, but all ended up so badly that it felt like I was not meant for these things. I thought my talent could be my brain. Somehow, college made me feel like I can be the smart but no so pretty child of the family, but boom comes med school, and my "smartness" burned into ashes. And now, I feel like I'm back to my 7-year old self, insecure that I am not like my classmates who can play the guitar and can sing really well and can spell really really well.

I hope you don't take me for someone who gives up so quickly, because you see, I really am very open into trying new things. It's just that when you're in med school, studying takes up most of your time that you don't have the time nor the energy to do anything else. And in case you ever find the time, you use it scouring every stall in Mercato or sleeping off the weariness. It's becoming a cycle actually.

But this time around, I will not succumb. I have been contemplating long and hard today of the things that I want to do with my life. What is the use of my 20's of I don't use this period of my life to try the craziest and new things out there?

So I made a list. 25 things before 25. I actually haven't reached 25 things to do actually, but listing down everything has to be thought of meticulously. This time around, I have to take into consideration so many things like time, money, academic load and shiz. So anyway, here's the first 10 on my list.

1. Finish a 21K run
2. Climb a mountain
3. Bake a cake/cupcake/bread
4. Learn the basics of watercolor painting
5. Shoot in film
6. Make my own jewelry from scratch
7. Surf in La Union
8. Join a zumba class
9. Start going to the gym
10. Make my own blog template
11. Drive alone

I know, they all sound pretty simple enough to do right? But that's the point exactly. These things I listed a so do-able but at the same time, I ask myself why they are still on my to-do list? It's about time I take a few baby steps into actually transferring them from my to-do list to my already-done list. Promise, I have such list, one of which includes skinny dipping with friends. Haha.

I just hope that this list will not go unnoticed and that I will actually take it seriously. Inalso haveto remind myself to add 14 more items. Till then!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back From The Dead (or not)

I'm baaack!!! After months of posting nothing, not even a random tumblr picture, I am actually back!

So many reasons for my absence, one of which is my lack of a laptop. After more than five years of being my constant companion, my laptop has finally given up on me. Well, not quite. It just started acting really weird. First, the backlight wasn't working anymore and then the arrow keys were all weird, and so when i inquired on how much I have to pay to get it fixed, the technician said I might as well buy a new notebook instead of having it fixed. Oh well, it was time to move on. So now, I am stuck using my iPad to type. It's a lot more tedious to use since my chubby fingers tend to press too many keys at the same time. So in case weird words come up, blame my stubby fingers.

Aside from my obsolete laptop, this semester is probably the number one reason why I wasn't able to post, nor even check blogger. :( no words can describe the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual torture that I went through in the last five months. From June until mid-October, I have done nothing but coop up in Starbucks from 8AM until they close around midnight. I swear, during that whole time, I was just there, trying to understand whatever lesson or exam we'll have for next week. It's been really tortuous, I feel like I've already conditioned myself to think that Starbucks Dapitan is not a happy place.

When I tell my friends how I'm having such a hard time in med school, they always seem to shove it off and simply say that I'll get through and that I really don't mean it when I say I'm failing. Well actually, back in college, I probably do say that a lot of times, but seriously, I actually do feel like I'm failing. I have never been so scared to take an exam in my life knowing that this test, this score will make or break my future. Seriously, future talaga. Imagine if I fail an exam which is like 20% of my grade, that would mean I already failed the subject which would mean that I have to repeat one whole year of med school for this stupid one-unit subject. It gets that stressful knowing that every mistake will actually cause a domino effect to the rest of my life. I hate stress and I hate that I cannot do anything but suck it up and live with it. Sometimes, I just wish people can be more tolerant about it.

I probably am the worst friend this sem, too. I've declined so many invites from friends because I am tired. Too tired to even take a bath, too tired to get ready for a night-out after a really long day of being challenged mentally. Some might have mistaken it for laziness, but really, there are nights that I'd go home and cry. I dunno why I cry, maybe I'm just tired. Or maybe I'm sad. It's hard to distinguish now whether I'm just tired or if I'm actually experiencing a state of sadness. But in all honesty, I don't recall being truly happy in the past few months.

Ugh. I'm ending this now. I don't like the lack of fluidity that's coming from this post. Promise tomorrow, maybe i'll do better.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer of 2012

So I’ve been out of the loop for most of the time this summer. It’s safe to say that I have been very busy. I’d tell you all my fun adventures this summer, but then again that would bore me a lot, I’d go back to another phase of being too lazy to turn on my laptop and type something here. So, let the pictures do the talking of some of the stuff that put some excitement into my so-called vacation.

Starting with the Macau-Hong Kong adventure with my sister this May.

Nothing much to see in Macau except for the casinos (which we’re not really very fond of) and the old Portuguese-inspired buildings.

I loved walking around Senado Square and just taking pictures of the pastel-colored buildings with plant boxes on their balconies. Who does that these days? If I were to place a plant box outside my window in Manila, the plant would’ve died of pollution in a matter of days. Sans the commercial establishments, walking along Senado Square’s alleys is a great way to kill time while in Macau.

 Aside from the Portuguese buildings, we made it a point to visit the churches. We found 3, if you’d count Ruins of St. Paul as a church. They looked very much like the old churches in Batangas and the old Binondo church. Very Catholic and oddly quiet, considering the fact that the two churches were located in the middle of the busy Senado Square.

In terms of food, nothing special really stood out for me. Expect a lot of Chinese food and not a lot of fast food establishments in the area. I cried a little when we couldn’t immediately find a McDonald’s; I wanted that GCB. There were so many almond cookies bakeries, but Koi Kei Bakery seems to stand out among tourists and locals alike. This proves to be true as their almond cookies tasted really good and were very fragrant.

There wasn’t much stuff to buy either. If you’re the Gucci girl type, then you’ll love the thousands of high-end shops found in ALL casino/hotels. It’s amusing to see how people never seem to run out of money to burn here. Kuripots like me got bored trying to find bargain buys, only to realize people don’t go to Macau to buy stuff from flea markets.

So thank God for TurboJet that takes people from Macau to Hong Kong in about an hour. This was my first time to ride a ferry and fuuuck, that H&M Store in Canton Road has to be worth all the seasickness I had to endure for 60 fucking minutes. Not only that, what’s Hong Kong if you don’t have that I-literally-got-lost-in-Hong-Kong experience? Thank God for an old HK tourist map I brought from home just in case we can’t find the road we’re looking for. Imagine the panic in my head when I realized that we were in Hong Kong Island instead of Kowloon. Thank God for maps and Chinese intelligence that created an MTR line that takes us to Tsim Sha Tsui in less than 30 minutes. I swear, if I didn’t have that map with me, I’d buy all the freaking dried seafood (because that’s all we can find in HK island) they were selling just so I won’t feel bad for going to Hong Kong and not buying anything.

 This is my face while we were trying to figure how to get from Hong Kong 1 to Hong Kong 2

 Yay! We won't be lost in Hong Kong after all *happyface*

Hong Kong seems to have better taste in food. Last time I was in Hong Kong, H&M wasn’t even there yet, nor was there any Food Republic in the area. I was a happy girl when I saw both in the same mall, plus a Din Tai Fung branch on the third floor. In the same mall!!! I love Silvercord! Cheap food and cheap clothes FTW! Xiao Long Bao oh yeah!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good and Bad English

I was at the US Embassy yesterday for VISA renewal together with the rest of my family. It was my first time to enter the huge establishment since the first time we got our VISA 10 years ago, kids weren’t required to come with their parents for the application process. But after 10 years, here we are, hopeful that my family would again be granted another 10 years to freely visit the US. A few things ran into my head while we were there (read: we were allowed to go in at 10AM, we got out at 2PM!) and until later on that day.

The variety of people coming in and out of the embassy is just surprising. While we were still outside, I saw this old man dressed in a really worn-out muscle shirt and boxer shorts with matching hand towel pa resting on one of his shoulders. He obviously wasn’t Filipino, judging by his accent and well, he was dangling an even more worn-out blue passport that he nonchalantly showed to the guards so that he’ll be let in. I mean, there’s no actual dress code that tells us to dress appropriately, but gets, he could’ve at least put on some pants. Oh well.

I don’t want to say it’s an issue of race that the guards let the old man in. I was thinking about it, and I thought the US Embassy is sort of like that man’s house. And because it’s his “house”, he can go in and out comfortably, dressed in whatever he likes. That argument seems reasonable, right? I mean, if Filipinos can do their official business (well at least most of it) in tsinelas, why can’t Americans do the same?

But what I’m really driving at here was the last two hours that we’ve spent inside the embassy. You see, there’s this dreaded window that no applicant should wish to be sent to. Window 9 at the far left of the building is where all the questioning and scrutinizing happen. The stuff we see on TV with the consul on the other side of that glass window asking Filipinos soooo many questions about their stay in the States, it’s all true. What wasn’t accurate though was the shutting of the blinds whenever an applicant gets rejected. But then again, it doesn’t seem very practical for the consul to do that as he was rejecting renewal applicants, one after the other.

It was close to heartbreaking to see people being rejected. I think what’s even more painful is that everyone else in the hall gets to witness you being grilled by the questions and eventually being handed back your passport, now with a blue letter explaining reasons why you got rejected. Everyone gets to see that. Everyone. Strangers you don’t even know witness a few minutes of embarrassment that you’d have to live with for a few months before you can re-apply.

I think what’s even more heartbreaking, and actually very annoying, was that the consul in charge that day was denying so many people. And these applicants were only there for renewal under VRP, which is supposedly a sure-ball renewal. But lo and behold, in the two hours that we’ve waited (we, too, had to go through the interview at window 9), I think only 3 out of 10 applicants were approved. And you know what I noticed, the three approved applicants all spoke very good English and all had, shall I say, sosyal job description. One was a doctor who was already in training to be a cardiologist, while the other one was CFA and the last one I think just looked sosyal in general. I mean, I can say that it really pays to speak good and fluent English, but if that’s the only basis to be approved of a VISA, then what about other Filipinos who need that VISA more than others? I’m not one to fight for equality and fairness in a country that’s been biased to begin with, but sometimes, it just seems so obvious who they’re siding with. Parang they don’t even try to be more impartial about who to approve and who to deny. I just felt bad for the mothers and fathers who were hoping they could get to visit their grandchildren in the States or maybe their own children who’ve been working in the States for 5 or 10 years. Are those not enough reasons for the purpose of their travel? It pained me so much when the consul denied this old man, maybe in his early 80’s. I didn’t hear clearly what the old man was saying, but I could make out that he said he wanted to go to the States to visit his two grandkids. Diyos ko naman, a man of his age can’t work anymore, let alone get hired by anyone in the States. Why deny him of his VISA? I don’t get it. The world is unfair. :-<

Nonetheless, I'm very much thankful for not getting denied and hopefully, when the mail comes in a few days, we’d be seeing 10 more years of US gates opening for us. I don’t where I’ll be or who I’ll be with after 10 years, but it feels good to know that for now, I had the chance to experience the anxiety and glee of applying for a VISA and being approved. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Start of Summer

I know I promised I’d be posting more often, but the whole month of March has been very taxing with a long exam and a requirement being passed almost everyday that there’s literally no time to even do anything but study. But I’m happy to announce that I am now officially on break! OH YEAAAH!

I’m excited because this will be the longest break that I’ll ever have since I graduated from high school. I’ve gotten used to having a maximum of 3 weeks of no-studying-involved summer during college because of the summer classes we had to take as part of the Psych curriculum. I’m quite happy to say that there are more good points to having summer classes than no summer classes at all. Because now, I’m becoming this planning every trip possible freak with everyone I know. I find myself looking through different groupon sites to get the best summer getaway deal, and today proved to be a very productive day because today, it has been decided that I’ll soon be setting foot on the sandy white beaches of Bowrah-caaay. OH YEAAAH AGAAAIN!

I’ve never experienced Ateneo de Boracay when I was in college, so now seems like the good time to catch up. Well of course, it won’t be Ateneo de Boracay anymore, but more of high school friends in Boracay. Not that I’m complaining! I can’t wait for this adventure on May! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go as planned.

But as I wait, I’ve been planning sooo many things in my head on what I’ll be doing for the two solid months of vacation. First on my list is to learn how to drive, as in get professional training on driving. I have to put my non-pro license to good use by being able to learn how to drive our 25-year old Corolla to SM (which is practically a stone’s throw away from our house). And then from there, I move on to longer distances like Tagaytay. Haha asa. But yes, I’d hate myself if I still won’t be able to make a proper U-turn come June.
And because I gained sooo much weight in the last three weeks (read: 10 fucking pounds I tell you!), it just feels right, not it’s a requirement, that I start jogging again. 30 minutes everyday until I reach that target weight by the end of the month. I can’t succumb to the weight-gain curse of med school. Med school simply isn’t an excuse to gain so much weight. All the rice I ate and all the midnight snack fastfood deliveries are not to be tolerated. I must, I must burn all this fat! And also because I need to get ready for Boracay right? :>

In my head, I was also thinking of trying to learn to play an instrument since it’s part of my 2012 goal to learn a new skill, but then I realize, to learn to play an instrument seems like pushing my luck already. I doubt I can learn to plan something at this age. I think I’d rather start reading my pending pile of books than get frustrated over an instrument. I was thinking, maybe a harmonica, but nah. Sobra na yun.

This summer looks really packed, but hopefully not packed with nothing but air. Here's to a great summer ahead! Promise, I'll be more active now. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life So Far

I'm baaaack! But sadly without any exciting news that would explain my long absence. Haha. I never really meant to go on a blogging holiday, it's just that i've been so busy these past few weeks with exams, late-night gimmicks and real-life drama with real-life friends that I've left behind the online social scene. Yuck, there's an actual social scene happening. Anyway, I welcomed this year thinking and hoping this will be the Year of Mia, and so far, I've been getting a few good hits and an equal number of misses.

I remember ranting a few months back how this new school has been so cruel to newcomers, how it has cultivated its students to be so unfriendly to new faces (i.e. Me). Making friends was one of the largest hurdles of med school for me, next to actually doing well academically in class. But you know what, I think God's being good to me this year that finally I think I've found the right friends, friends who can actually understand that I'm not of one the stereotypes of my university and even if I do have my occasional streaks of making lait UST, it's okay. I might have given up time to spend with other people, but I guess that's supposed to come with choosing the right set of friends. It's weird, I admit, to be talking about friends at this age (friendship issues are sooo high school), but then again, having a good and strong support system is actually one of the must-have's for med school (as I realize).

2012 just started, but it feels like so many things are happening so fast. Or maybe, I'm just starting to feel sentimental by the fact that my first year in med school is finally coming to a close. The subjects haven't been any easier as I hoped they would, but they've grown to be more tolerable. The tough only gets tougher by the day, but as I learned from this growing experience called (ugh the cheese), I also have to be tough, even tougher than whatever's before me. But I say this not as my final words, because well, you know me, I still get this surge of craziness and drama once in a while. Haha. But gets, I'm learning and starting to feel that I've actually grown to be more mature now that I was a few months ago.

That even if I admit that I now say words like barda or denggoy or say the word 'friend' to call my friends, it's actually okay. I mean, medyo. My 20-year old self would cringe and curse me for being less of what's supposed to be my 'ideal' self. I know I probably would never call my college friends 'friend' or talk to them who's pulpul or pukol in my class, but then again, I'm not sure if that good of a code switcher. I say these things not to criticize any of my friends, but to talk about myself (like I do most of the time here) and how I can feel and see myself changing in a way.

I guess things really do change and have to change to make room for more opportunities. And somehow, I'm liking this change thing.

In other news, the one-week countdown to Death Cab For Cutie's concert has just started! AAAAH! I just found out they're gonna play Translanticism as final song :( I think I'm gonna cry now.

Here's the link to the full setlist for next Monday's concert. See you there!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

When There's a Burning in Your Heart

Happy new year! 

As much as I'd like to talk about my resolution(s) for this new year, I think I have to prioritize the more important matters, such as knowing what to do in the event of a firework accident and figuring out a 2012 diet plan. 

As what I've posted on Facebook earlier today, I didn't expect nor thought of welcoming 2012 with an injury. You see, I'm not the most graceful or safety-first person I know. I've been prone to occasional embarrassing moments that caused me to trip over or slide completely, but never have I been the one to cut some flesh off my thumb (my mom), or lose my ear and have it stitched back (my dad), or create two "alkansyas" on my face at a very young age (my little sister). My family has an interesting history of "accidents", the kind people would cringe to when they hear our stories. And so today, I've had my share of family's crazy accidents when I've managed to create a crater on my right thumb. 

Masakit maputukan ng paputok. 

I have no idea how those kids I see on TV on New Year's Day can stand that much pain when almost all of their body has been exploded(?) on by fireworks. Help me out, I don't know the English translation for naputukan ng paputok. I'm struggling here. 

Going back, you see those cute lighting sticks there?

After a really good Medya Noche feast mmm

Yes, they are the root of all evil and the makers of this stupid and painfuuul crater on my thumb. Not this exactly, but a sister of it. I promise I won't be touching anymore of those lighting sticks next year, just to be safe.

I couldn't get a good shot of it, but this is actually a better version of the burn. My sister said it's a second degree burn, but I have no idea what a second degree burn is. All I know is, when the powder hit my thumb and the pinky finger of my other hand, I could already feel this searing pain that caused my thumb to inflame. I rushed to the bathroom and got scared since the powder couldn't seem to come off. I had to tear (yes, tear off the epidermis) the infected area to get rid of the paputok powder. After washing, my sister applied this Betadine-like Chinese liquid to help hasten the healing.

I don't really know what Betadine does or how our itim na gamot (we grew up calling this bottle by that name) could help heal a wound or a bruise. We don't even use Band-Aids. I guess it works as a protection from the rest of the dirty environment since we never use bandages if we use Betadine or the Chinese bottle. But mind you, this bottle is VERY painful to apply. Even more painful than rubbing alcohol.

If I weren't in med school, I would've grabbed the nearest toothpaste tube and smothered my wound with that Colgate. But I learned from Biochem that applying toothpaste is the stupidest thing you can possibly do when treating your wound. It's probably on the same level of silliness when you drink one water to relieve the spicy taste. Bad move.

So I'm stuck with this wounded thumb for at least two weeks. Because it's a deep burn (as my sister explained), clotting and healing would take a while. And to me, this means at least two weeks of painful showers and handwriting.

But away with the burning wounds and hysterical reactions. A more serious entry soon! About my real I-will-stick-to-this diet plan and 2012 resolutions. (Because I really feel that it's going to be an awesome year for me)

Happy New Year y'all!

*The title is almost completely unrelated. I just got LSS.