Sunday, January 1, 2012

When There's a Burning in Your Heart

Happy new year! 

As much as I'd like to talk about my resolution(s) for this new year, I think I have to prioritize the more important matters, such as knowing what to do in the event of a firework accident and figuring out a 2012 diet plan. 

As what I've posted on Facebook earlier today, I didn't expect nor thought of welcoming 2012 with an injury. You see, I'm not the most graceful or safety-first person I know. I've been prone to occasional embarrassing moments that caused me to trip over or slide completely, but never have I been the one to cut some flesh off my thumb (my mom), or lose my ear and have it stitched back (my dad), or create two "alkansyas" on my face at a very young age (my little sister). My family has an interesting history of "accidents", the kind people would cringe to when they hear our stories. And so today, I've had my share of family's crazy accidents when I've managed to create a crater on my right thumb. 

Masakit maputukan ng paputok. 

I have no idea how those kids I see on TV on New Year's Day can stand that much pain when almost all of their body has been exploded(?) on by fireworks. Help me out, I don't know the English translation for naputukan ng paputok. I'm struggling here. 

Going back, you see those cute lighting sticks there?

After a really good Medya Noche feast mmm

Yes, they are the root of all evil and the makers of this stupid and painfuuul crater on my thumb. Not this exactly, but a sister of it. I promise I won't be touching anymore of those lighting sticks next year, just to be safe.

I couldn't get a good shot of it, but this is actually a better version of the burn. My sister said it's a second degree burn, but I have no idea what a second degree burn is. All I know is, when the powder hit my thumb and the pinky finger of my other hand, I could already feel this searing pain that caused my thumb to inflame. I rushed to the bathroom and got scared since the powder couldn't seem to come off. I had to tear (yes, tear off the epidermis) the infected area to get rid of the paputok powder. After washing, my sister applied this Betadine-like Chinese liquid to help hasten the healing.

I don't really know what Betadine does or how our itim na gamot (we grew up calling this bottle by that name) could help heal a wound or a bruise. We don't even use Band-Aids. I guess it works as a protection from the rest of the dirty environment since we never use bandages if we use Betadine or the Chinese bottle. But mind you, this bottle is VERY painful to apply. Even more painful than rubbing alcohol.

If I weren't in med school, I would've grabbed the nearest toothpaste tube and smothered my wound with that Colgate. But I learned from Biochem that applying toothpaste is the stupidest thing you can possibly do when treating your wound. It's probably on the same level of silliness when you drink one water to relieve the spicy taste. Bad move.

So I'm stuck with this wounded thumb for at least two weeks. Because it's a deep burn (as my sister explained), clotting and healing would take a while. And to me, this means at least two weeks of painful showers and handwriting.

But away with the burning wounds and hysterical reactions. A more serious entry soon! About my real I-will-stick-to-this diet plan and 2012 resolutions. (Because I really feel that it's going to be an awesome year for me)

Happy New Year y'all!

*The title is almost completely unrelated. I just got LSS.