Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life So Far

I'm baaaack! But sadly without any exciting news that would explain my long absence. Haha. I never really meant to go on a blogging holiday, it's just that i've been so busy these past few weeks with exams, late-night gimmicks and real-life drama with real-life friends that I've left behind the online social scene. Yuck, there's an actual social scene happening. Anyway, I welcomed this year thinking and hoping this will be the Year of Mia, and so far, I've been getting a few good hits and an equal number of misses.

I remember ranting a few months back how this new school has been so cruel to newcomers, how it has cultivated its students to be so unfriendly to new faces (i.e. Me). Making friends was one of the largest hurdles of med school for me, next to actually doing well academically in class. But you know what, I think God's being good to me this year that finally I think I've found the right friends, friends who can actually understand that I'm not of one the stereotypes of my university and even if I do have my occasional streaks of making lait UST, it's okay. I might have given up time to spend with other people, but I guess that's supposed to come with choosing the right set of friends. It's weird, I admit, to be talking about friends at this age (friendship issues are sooo high school), but then again, having a good and strong support system is actually one of the must-have's for med school (as I realize).

2012 just started, but it feels like so many things are happening so fast. Or maybe, I'm just starting to feel sentimental by the fact that my first year in med school is finally coming to a close. The subjects haven't been any easier as I hoped they would, but they've grown to be more tolerable. The tough only gets tougher by the day, but as I learned from this growing experience called (ugh the cheese), I also have to be tough, even tougher than whatever's before me. But I say this not as my final words, because well, you know me, I still get this surge of craziness and drama once in a while. Haha. But gets, I'm learning and starting to feel that I've actually grown to be more mature now that I was a few months ago.

That even if I admit that I now say words like barda or denggoy or say the word 'friend' to call my friends, it's actually okay. I mean, medyo. My 20-year old self would cringe and curse me for being less of what's supposed to be my 'ideal' self. I know I probably would never call my college friends 'friend' or talk to them who's pulpul or pukol in my class, but then again, I'm not sure if that good of a code switcher. I say these things not to criticize any of my friends, but to talk about myself (like I do most of the time here) and how I can feel and see myself changing in a way.

I guess things really do change and have to change to make room for more opportunities. And somehow, I'm liking this change thing.

In other news, the one-week countdown to Death Cab For Cutie's concert has just started! AAAAH! I just found out they're gonna play Translanticism as final song :( I think I'm gonna cry now.

Here's the link to the full setlist for next Monday's concert. See you there!