Saturday, March 31, 2012

Start of Summer

I know I promised I’d be posting more often, but the whole month of March has been very taxing with a long exam and a requirement being passed almost everyday that there’s literally no time to even do anything but study. But I’m happy to announce that I am now officially on break! OH YEAAAH!

I’m excited because this will be the longest break that I’ll ever have since I graduated from high school. I’ve gotten used to having a maximum of 3 weeks of no-studying-involved summer during college because of the summer classes we had to take as part of the Psych curriculum. I’m quite happy to say that there are more good points to having summer classes than no summer classes at all. Because now, I’m becoming this planning every trip possible freak with everyone I know. I find myself looking through different groupon sites to get the best summer getaway deal, and today proved to be a very productive day because today, it has been decided that I’ll soon be setting foot on the sandy white beaches of Bowrah-caaay. OH YEAAAH AGAAAIN!

I’ve never experienced Ateneo de Boracay when I was in college, so now seems like the good time to catch up. Well of course, it won’t be Ateneo de Boracay anymore, but more of high school friends in Boracay. Not that I’m complaining! I can’t wait for this adventure on May! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go as planned.

But as I wait, I’ve been planning sooo many things in my head on what I’ll be doing for the two solid months of vacation. First on my list is to learn how to drive, as in get professional training on driving. I have to put my non-pro license to good use by being able to learn how to drive our 25-year old Corolla to SM (which is practically a stone’s throw away from our house). And then from there, I move on to longer distances like Tagaytay. Haha asa. But yes, I’d hate myself if I still won’t be able to make a proper U-turn come June.
And because I gained sooo much weight in the last three weeks (read: 10 fucking pounds I tell you!), it just feels right, not it’s a requirement, that I start jogging again. 30 minutes everyday until I reach that target weight by the end of the month. I can’t succumb to the weight-gain curse of med school. Med school simply isn’t an excuse to gain so much weight. All the rice I ate and all the midnight snack fastfood deliveries are not to be tolerated. I must, I must burn all this fat! And also because I need to get ready for Boracay right? :>

In my head, I was also thinking of trying to learn to play an instrument since it’s part of my 2012 goal to learn a new skill, but then I realize, to learn to play an instrument seems like pushing my luck already. I doubt I can learn to plan something at this age. I think I’d rather start reading my pending pile of books than get frustrated over an instrument. I was thinking, maybe a harmonica, but nah. Sobra na yun.

This summer looks really packed, but hopefully not packed with nothing but air. Here's to a great summer ahead! Promise, I'll be more active now. 

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