Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer of 2012

So I’ve been out of the loop for most of the time this summer. It’s safe to say that I have been very busy. I’d tell you all my fun adventures this summer, but then again that would bore me a lot, I’d go back to another phase of being too lazy to turn on my laptop and type something here. So, let the pictures do the talking of some of the stuff that put some excitement into my so-called vacation.

Starting with the Macau-Hong Kong adventure with my sister this May.

Nothing much to see in Macau except for the casinos (which we’re not really very fond of) and the old Portuguese-inspired buildings.

I loved walking around Senado Square and just taking pictures of the pastel-colored buildings with plant boxes on their balconies. Who does that these days? If I were to place a plant box outside my window in Manila, the plant would’ve died of pollution in a matter of days. Sans the commercial establishments, walking along Senado Square’s alleys is a great way to kill time while in Macau.

 Aside from the Portuguese buildings, we made it a point to visit the churches. We found 3, if you’d count Ruins of St. Paul as a church. They looked very much like the old churches in Batangas and the old Binondo church. Very Catholic and oddly quiet, considering the fact that the two churches were located in the middle of the busy Senado Square.

In terms of food, nothing special really stood out for me. Expect a lot of Chinese food and not a lot of fast food establishments in the area. I cried a little when we couldn’t immediately find a McDonald’s; I wanted that GCB. There were so many almond cookies bakeries, but Koi Kei Bakery seems to stand out among tourists and locals alike. This proves to be true as their almond cookies tasted really good and were very fragrant.

There wasn’t much stuff to buy either. If you’re the Gucci girl type, then you’ll love the thousands of high-end shops found in ALL casino/hotels. It’s amusing to see how people never seem to run out of money to burn here. Kuripots like me got bored trying to find bargain buys, only to realize people don’t go to Macau to buy stuff from flea markets.

So thank God for TurboJet that takes people from Macau to Hong Kong in about an hour. This was my first time to ride a ferry and fuuuck, that H&M Store in Canton Road has to be worth all the seasickness I had to endure for 60 fucking minutes. Not only that, what’s Hong Kong if you don’t have that I-literally-got-lost-in-Hong-Kong experience? Thank God for an old HK tourist map I brought from home just in case we can’t find the road we’re looking for. Imagine the panic in my head when I realized that we were in Hong Kong Island instead of Kowloon. Thank God for maps and Chinese intelligence that created an MTR line that takes us to Tsim Sha Tsui in less than 30 minutes. I swear, if I didn’t have that map with me, I’d buy all the freaking dried seafood (because that’s all we can find in HK island) they were selling just so I won’t feel bad for going to Hong Kong and not buying anything.

 This is my face while we were trying to figure how to get from Hong Kong 1 to Hong Kong 2

 Yay! We won't be lost in Hong Kong after all *happyface*

Hong Kong seems to have better taste in food. Last time I was in Hong Kong, H&M wasn’t even there yet, nor was there any Food Republic in the area. I was a happy girl when I saw both in the same mall, plus a Din Tai Fung branch on the third floor. In the same mall!!! I love Silvercord! Cheap food and cheap clothes FTW! Xiao Long Bao oh yeah!