Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I Have To Do

It has always been my greatest frustration to have a talent. I grew up thinking that every person should have at least one talent. People who can sing, people who can dance, people who can draw really well, people who can play sports, and people who can play instruments. Sadly, I am neither one of those people. I've always been scared of show-your-talent game or those type of games that require you to do something as a consequence, becuase duh, what do I have to show? Maybe that's why I was never made to join beuty pageants either. Chos. But seriously speaking, I really want to be good at something. You know, something legit like playing the piano or taking artsy fartsy, hipster-ish photos. Why why why, when God showered this world with talents, I was not blessed to have one when there are people out there, people like my friends, who have limitless talents???

It's not like I never tried. I mean, if talents cannot be given to me by nature, as my Psychology profs always, everything else is 50% nurture. When I was younger, I'd ask my parents if I join summer classes in school. I tried soooo many. Karate, Taekwondo, ballet, dancing workshops, but all ended up so badly that it felt like I was not meant for these things. I thought my talent could be my brain. Somehow, college made me feel like I can be the smart but no so pretty child of the family, but boom comes med school, and my "smartness" burned into ashes. And now, I feel like I'm back to my 7-year old self, insecure that I am not like my classmates who can play the guitar and can sing really well and can spell really really well.

I hope you don't take me for someone who gives up so quickly, because you see, I really am very open into trying new things. It's just that when you're in med school, studying takes up most of your time that you don't have the time nor the energy to do anything else. And in case you ever find the time, you use it scouring every stall in Mercato or sleeping off the weariness. It's becoming a cycle actually.

But this time around, I will not succumb. I have been contemplating long and hard today of the things that I want to do with my life. What is the use of my 20's of I don't use this period of my life to try the craziest and new things out there?

So I made a list. 25 things before 25. I actually haven't reached 25 things to do actually, but listing down everything has to be thought of meticulously. This time around, I have to take into consideration so many things like time, money, academic load and shiz. So anyway, here's the first 10 on my list.

1. Finish a 21K run
2. Climb a mountain
3. Bake a cake/cupcake/bread
4. Learn the basics of watercolor painting
5. Shoot in film
6. Make my own jewelry from scratch
7. Surf in La Union
8. Join a zumba class
9. Start going to the gym
10. Make my own blog template
11. Drive alone

I know, they all sound pretty simple enough to do right? But that's the point exactly. These things I listed a so do-able but at the same time, I ask myself why they are still on my to-do list? It's about time I take a few baby steps into actually transferring them from my to-do list to my already-done list. Promise, I have such list, one of which includes skinny dipping with friends. Haha.

I just hope that this list will not go unnoticed and that I will actually take it seriously. Inalso haveto remind myself to add 14 more items. Till then!

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  1. We already did skinny dipping!! In the soshal Batangas place remeber? Haha!