Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elorde Boxing Gym Taft

Yaaaay! I am happy to say that I finally have one thing to tick off my 25 (although it's still at 10 right now) things before 25 list.

Just a few days ago, I have decided to enroll myself to the gym. Well, not really the usual gym with proper airconditioning and weights and the whole shiz, but a boxing gym! In between the Tropical Hut building and the white building of CSB is the building where Elorde Boxing Gym stands. It's located at the fourth floor of the building, with Tokyo Tokyo at the ground floor and a huuuge internet cae on the second floor.

I was pretty anxious at first since I decided to enroll even I didn't have any of my friends ir my sister to join me. I figured, don't let the absence of company stop you from doing what you want. Ha! Good move right there. You see, apart from my increased desire to lose weight right now, I've been on this crazy complex of figuring out what I can possibly be good or at least trying out things that can possibly be a form of a hobby for me. My friends have always teased me that I have "heavy hands" or in Filipino, mabigat na kamay. From what I've understood, it meant that I have an easy tendency to "hurt" people by actually hitting them or slapping thrm or whatever. So I thought, sublimation!!! Sublimation if you can remember from your Psychology 101 classes is a defense mechanism which involves transforming an unacceptable behavior into something more positive, and so we arrive at boxing.

I had my first session last Thursday. It lasted for almost two hours. A usual routine, based on what I've read and what I've experienced, includes two rounds of  running, punching bag, hanging ball, speed ball, two-mitts, jump rope and ab workout. I actually can't remember specifically what you call those bags, but next time I go to the gym, I'll try to take a picture. Haha.

Mind you, I am no athlete. I probably don't have the stamina that my athletic friends have, so you must think that it was crazy of me to try boxing alone. It was! But it wasn't as complicated, for lack of term, as you think. The instructors were really nice and patient with me, even if I kept complaining on how challenging the jump rope was for me or how I can't really do sit-ups that fast. What makes boxing challenging for me is when you're doing drills beside someone who's really good. I swear, when I was doing the speed bag, which by the way is VERY hard I realize (Manny Pacquaio must be really good pala), there was this guy who kept throwing his punches at a very fast pace. Ang galing! I felt ashamed for myself for a while, but then I saw other beginners who were doing as badly as I was. Hahaha, so I guess that was okay.

I can't really say much and be like the authority of boxing in this blog when I've only been on one training session. But just to encourage you even more, let me tell you that all your anxiety and reservations about boxing and maybe about Elorde can be resolved if you try it yourself. The sweat after the routines just makes me feel so alive!  You'll love it, feeling mo talaga you're losing weight. Haha.