Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Shmummer

There has to be more than this. Not an emo-I-use-got-my-heart-broken post. Just saying. Haha. Sorry. I really don't wish to write a year's worth of posts with a rant. But then again, it wouldn't be me if i didn't, right? So I guess I'm not sorry.

 Okay, to be perfectly honest, the only reason why I am back here typing is because I got sick of browsing through my Facebook feed and seeing all my friends going around the world and posting all their wonderful pictures. I sound selfish I know. Am I alone here? Am I the only one who actually feels envious that people my age are off wandering the continents while I'm here, sulking in my, shall I say, misfortune? Too harsh of a word, but right now, it sure feels like that. I mean, I don't even claim myself to be on vacation.

 You see, I wake up 0530 for my morning jog since I have to be at work by 0800. By work, I meant helping out in our small family business. And for 10 hours of the day, I'm there, toasting in the hot provincial sun, counting change, counting diaper boxes, counting the hours until it's time to close and go home. Relaxation at night after a long day of work meant going to the local SM. It's funny how sometimes the idea of going to the mall seems "nakakaumay" (bland, is it?) to me already. Every freakin' night, I'm there like it's my backyard. The day ends around 2300 and I get to allow myself to have more than six hours of sleep, which to me is the only luxury I'm enjoying this summer. And then the cycle just goes on.

I envy a lot of people actually. Every teacher would tell me that to be jealous of others is a great sin. Uhh yes, envy is a grave sin, but so is eating McDonald's large fries with lots and lots of ketchup (I don't really eat it with ketchup though, just proving a point). So help me God for sinning this much summer. Is it so bad to ask for a day-off? Our yaya's get to have one, why can't I have one too? I mean, just the idea of getting bored and running out of things to do for the day makes me green with envy. Posting on Facebook or Twitter, "bored out of mind" or "when boredom strikes [selfie]", how does that feel??? I mean, not the selfie part because I judge people who do that. But kinda crazy, right? Normal people have that kind of life! I can count with my fingers when I have had those kind of days.

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