Monday, April 14, 2014

It’s crazy stupid how sometimes (or always?) one text message can make a huge difference. I’m usually the type who thinks about a text I’m about to send, whether I sound too eager or too serious or too uninterested. An emoticon, a ‘haha’ filler or even a tiny little period can mean so differently. But you know, we all get those really bad days when you don’t mean to sound the way you initially intended or, at the very least, purposefully channel your frustration to an innocent person who just happens to text you when you’re not in the proper or sane mood. Don’t you just hate those regret moments? When you’d want to take back what you just said but you can’t because your message was already sent? In my stupid attempt to ‘stop’ the process, I turned off my phone only to realize that when I turn it on again, the message tries to send again. Good job self. So let me just give a huge ‘OH WELL’.

Right now, I’m on a dilemma whether I should text an apology or just sleep on it. Should I? Because that sounds like overdoing it. And I should've learned by now that an apology isn't really valid if it's sent over text. Nothing's ever really legitimate if it's said via text message.

Maybe I’ll watch the 2nd episode of GoT. I accidentally saw really juicy spoilers over at Huffington Post which I regret seeing.